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Geowoodstock 2018 is the United State’s First Giga Event.


#GWGIGA On October 8th, 2017 4hmricks posted the 3,000th will attend for GeoWoodstock 2018. This event is the first in the United States to hit this critical milestone. It is the threshold for Groundspeak to consider the event for Giga…

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GeoWoodstock 2018 hits 3,000 Will Attend Logs

GeoWoodstock 2018 has surpassed 3,000 Will Attend Logs.


Yesterday afternoon, GeoWoodstock 2018 hit the magic number of 3,000 will attend logs. This is the first time a geocaching event in the united states has achieved this number. Groundspeak’s 2015 Geocaching Block Party, the final block party event, only received 2,213 will attend logs.

Geowoodstock has another six months to keep adding to this number. The event takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 26, 2018. The Coney Island theme park is hosting the event. Attendees receive all-access bracelets for rides or water slides.

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Geocache Attributes

Geocache Attributes Provide Valuable Information About Geocaches


Geocache attributes are special condition indicators that convey basic information about geocaches using a simple icon representing a yes/no state.

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Archive | Archive Logs | Needs Archived | Archived Geocache

How Archive Logs and Archived Geocaches Work


The term archive can refer to an archived geocache status, an archive log type or to a needs archived log type.

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As the crow flies - crow miles

As The Crow Flies


The orthodromic straight line distance to another location, usually where a cache is hidden, from the geocachers current location.

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Project A.P.E. Cache

Project A.P.E. Cache | Alternate Primate Evolution


In 2001, Groundspeak and 20th Century Fox placed fourteen “Project A.P.E. Cache” geocaches to promote the movie Planet of the Apes. The project coordinated the APE cache placements on Fridays, one per week, with hints about the next geocache’s location coming throughout the…

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Additional Logging Requirements

Additional Logging Requirements


Groundspeak has established a set of formal requirements for logging a cache online. Any requirements beyond those are additional logging requirements. These extra requirements are not permitted in most cases. The only official requirements for logging a geocache find are…

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Geocaching Acronyms, Abbreviations, & Initialisms

Geocaching Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Initialisms


Hobbyists, the world over, develop unique shorthand language surrounding their passion. And geocachers are no exceptions to this habit. The dizzying array of geocaching acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms can leave a new cacher reeling. Here is a list of many of…

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Over 3 Million Geocaches Worldwide

Over 3 Million Geocaches Worldwide – That’s a lot of Caches


There are over 3 million geocaches worldwide. That’s right earlier today the three millionth active geocache was published on, the premier geocache listing service. 3 million geocaches worldwide milestone Geocachers across the globe posted screenshots of the search tool…

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New Geocache Logging Guidelines Coming from Groundspeak


Yesterday Morning, Clyde posted new geocache logging guidelines in his GSAK Forum. These guidelines were outlined in an email from Groundspeak to its API partners. These new guidelines are sure to shake things up and spark some real controversy among…

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